Randall Volberg

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randallvolbergAdjunct Fellow

Expertise:  fusion energy, private and public funding, high-technology startups, applied R&D, project management

Randall Volberg is the Managing Director of Fusion One, a US private fusion R&D company, and member of the American Security Project Fusion Energy Program (FEP).

The FEP initiative recognizes the transformative impact that fusion power will have on the energy, economic, and environmental security of the nation and seeks to engender national support and enthusiasm for fusion at the levels experienced with the Apollo moon program in the 1960s. The US fusion R&D community have made tremendous strides but increased funding is required to continue development and reach commercialization. FEP advocates for a robust commitment to fusion at the highest levels of government and private sector to competitively establish this emerging industry within America for global export.

Randall participates in all aspects of FEP program planning and execution within five operational areas: influencing key legislation, holding policymaker convenings, issuing key publications, media relations, and cultivating “grasstop” fusion ambassadors. Randall has been an advocate for fusion since he wrote a class report on advanced energy in Grade 3 and went on to build a working benchtop fusion reactor while in college. He has over 20 years of entrepreneurial and R&D experience with high technology startups he led from concept to acquisition. Fundraising for these ventures, Randall developed an extensive network of relationships at various levels of the funding ecosystem ranging from public granting agencies to top-tier venture capital firms in Silicon Valley. As the Managing Director of Fusion One since 2014, Randall has been an active participant in the fusion community bridging stakeholder relationships with government, private and public fusion projects, energy utilities, advocacy groups,  private capital, national labs, and academia.

Randall is a certified Project Management Professional from Caltech and the Project Management Institute.