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Phillip Reinhardt

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Adjunct Fellow

Expertise: Digital Marketing and Strategy, Startup Consulting, Website Development and Mobile App Development.

Phillip is the co-founder and lead strategist for NYC and Washington, D.C.-based PBJ Marketing; Phillip has the privilege of leading a smart, young, and talented group of 20+ individuals across a variety of disciplines from Digital Consultancy, Web Production, SEO strategy and execution, Content Writing, User Experience Design, Graphic Design, and clients ranging from government relations, special interest groups, healthcare, financial management, education, e-commerce, & entertainment.

A creative problem solver and strategic thinker, Phillip has over 10 years of experience in the in digital marketing, social media, and interactive marketing fields with the majority of his time spent in digital development and experience design.

An active and rising thought leader in the industry, Phillip advises clients on how to increase their own audience and digital presence through brand awareness and SEO strategy.

Phillip founded PBJ with the belief all media is social, where marketing is about conversations and creating impressions while -in a world where advertising messages are everywhere- finding the right channels for engaging specific audiences and topics and creating positive consumer experiences is crucial.

Prior History

Prior to founding PBJ, Phillip spent time as a digital marketing development lead at notable e-commerce startup LivingSocial, integrating major brand sponsorships within the LivingSocial platform. He led multiple user-centered new business sponsorship programs for clients such as Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, Windows, Starbucks, MillerCoors, PayPal, VISA, and more. Previously, Phillip earned his marketing stripes working with DIAGEO, world’s largest manufacturer of Beer, Wine, and Spirits. Phillip helped launch multiple new brands within DIAGEO’s Innovation platform through experiential and digital consumer experiences.

Phillip first started in marketing working for world- renowned advertising agency GREY, WPP. Phillip also accumulated corporate communications, public affairs, and grassroots public relations experience while working for The Hawthorn Group, a DC based communications firm specializing in high-risk clients.

Education and Personal Information

Phillip holds a BA cum laude in Communications from University of Maryland, College Park. He majored in Public Relations with a minor in Economics and was fortunate enough to study under some of the most innovative and progressive minds in the field. Phillip also graduated with a citation from UMCP’s prestigious Hinman CEO’s business honors society. He currently resides in Washington, D.C. When Phillip isn’t working, exploring the net, or playing American Football he can be found cooking multicultural cuisines while hosting dinner parties for close friends.