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Graham W. Jenkins

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Adjunct FellowGraham Jenkins

Expertise: Nuclear weapons strategy, scenario planning, wargaming, cybersecurity, critical infrastructure protection, military history, transit and infrastructure, supply chain and logistics, risk management.

Graham W. Jenkins is an defense analyst, strategist, and consultant. He is currently an advisory staff consultant at Ernst & Young working in enterprise risk management and on the Cyber Economics team in EY’s Government and Public Sector practice. He provides red-teaming and analysis for cyber-defense efforts, and supports risk assessments and operational internal controls development for civilian agencies.

Prior to EY, Mr. Jenkins worked as a strategic analyst for the Scitor Corporation and a research assistant at the Institute for Defense Analyses, specializing in nuclear policy and strategy, arms control, wargame design, and operations planning. He has co-authored study reports on nuclear weapons monitoring and verification and long-term nuclear postures and doctrines, and conducted fieldwork at multiple US nuclear bases. Other previous work has included East Asian OPLAN logistics supportability, cyber vulnerability assessments of critical industry, and regional precision weapons proliferation. He was a 2013 Nuclear Scholar at the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ Project on Nuclear Issues.

Mr. Jenkins has written for Fortnight Journal (http://fortnightjournal.com) and at Automatic Ballpoint (http://automaticballpoint.com). He holds an MSc in Theory and History of International Relations from the London School of Economics and a BA from Sarah Lawrence College.