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Andres Franzetti

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Andres Franzetti

Adjunct Fellow

Prior to forming Risk Cooperative, Mr. Franzetti served as an engagement manager for Clements Worldwide, a leading risk management firm and insurance brokerage serving customers in more than 170 countries. In this role, he led the day-to-day strategy and execution of the firm’s strategic partnerships and initiatives across multiple industries including automotive, associations, corporations, financial services, humanitarian agencies, insurance brokerages, and mobility services.

A dual-licensed insurance broker and Certified Risk Manager, Mr. Franzetti specializes in helping multi-national organizations identify, analyze, mitigate and monetize risks through insurance solutions and risk management consulting.

Considered an expert in program design and innovation, Mr. Franzetti has worked closely with the United Nations, Fortune 500 firms and other international organizations in conducting market analysis, risk assessments, consultative evaluations and developing strategies for their global operations. He most recently spearheaded the development of an innovative automotive insurance program for Volvo’s diplomatic and military vehicle sales division, designed to deliver comprehensive insurance protection at the point of sale.

Mr. Franzetti also served as a co-creator of the first card-based life insurance program for the UN. To help implement and scale the plan, he has visited key UN compounds around the world, placing nearly a billion dollars of risk in more than 150 global markets. He is also credited with the development of several innovative relocation insurance solutions, including the first ever temporary housing insurance program. This plan provides global protection for guests and firms utilizing temporary living accommodations, creating a new market and industry-leading solution.

Mr. Franzetti has spent more than 10 years in the financial services and business process consulting space. During this time he excelled in business development and long term value creation across a range of industries.

Mr. Franzetti is fluent in Spanish, conversant in Italian and holds a BS from the University of Colorado at Boulder in journalism, advertising and marketing.

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