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Mark Haynes

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Mark is currently President of Concordia Power, a small consulting firm focused on strategic services and implementation in energy and the environment with an emphasis on advanced fission and fusion energy development.

Mark formed Concordia Power after serving for over 14 years as a Vice President for General Atomics where his chief responsibilities and accomplishments were in the areas of advanced fission, fusion and the nuclear fuel cycle.  He also served 5 years with Fluor Corporation and for 8 years as a staff member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.

Throughout his career Mark has worked closely with federal agencies, national labs, universities and numerous domestic and foreign companies and concerns to advance the cause of better technology in the service of environmental and economic improvement.  His company is named after Concordia, the Roman goddess of peace and agreement.

He has a Masters degree in Environmental Science from Miami University in Ohio and a BS in Environmental Science from Morehead State University in Kentucky.