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Stuart Piltch

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Stuart Piltch is the Managing Director of Risk Strategies Consulting in Philadelphia.

Stuart Piltch’s multifaceted career has spanned across intelligence, healthcare, and technology sectors. Graduating with high honors from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in 1982, he then ventured into national security, working closely with leading intelligence figures, and made significant strides in the healthcare and insurance industry, impacting companies like MetLife and HealthNow. In 1999, he founded Cambridge Advisory Group (CAG), a firm specializing in data analytics for Fortune 200 companies and federal regulatory bodies. This firm was later acquired by Risk Strategies in December 2021, where Piltch now serves as Managing Director, leading Risk Strategies Consulting (RSC).

Additionally, in 2014, he co-founded Certilytics, an innovative Machine-Based Learning (MBL) platform that transformed healthcare and insurance analytics. His work effectively integrated concepts from national security, such as game theory and chaos theory, into the healthcare domain, demonstrating his skill in interlinking diverse fields.

Piltch is not only a business leader but also a committed philanthropist focused on access to healthcare and education for at-risk and of-need populations. With his siblings, he co-founded the Mildred’s Dream Foundation, which focuses on enhancing communities through education and support programs. His journey has combined intellectual rigor, innovation, and dedication to impactful contributions, particularly in technology and artificial intelligence, showcasing his commitment to driving transformative change.