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Lee Cullum

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Lee Cullum, at one time a regular commentator on the PBS NewsHour and “:All Things Considered” on NPR, currently contributes columns to the Dallas Morning News and hosts “CEO”, a series of interviews with business leaders, on the PBS affiliate in North Texas where she also does radio commentary. In addition she is a senior fellow at the John G. Tower Center for Political Studies at SMU and serves on the board of Freedom House and the American Council on Germany. A trustee of the Council on Foreign Relations for ten years and of the Pacific Council on International Policy for  fifteen, she currently chairs the board of the Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations and serves of the board of Visitors of the David Boren School of International Studies at the University of Oklahoma. Formerly editor of the editorial page of the Dallas Times Herald, she also has been a board member of the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver.