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Katherine Leigh Garland Reid

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Katherine “Leigh” Garland Reid brings over two decades of working at the highest levels of government in Washington, DC, to her current non-partisan work at the intersection of government and the private sector.

As a senior presidential appointee at the Department of State and a long-time finance director, Leigh developed vast knowledge and networks within multiple branches of the US government and deep experience in international relations. In recent years, she has leveraged her expertise in strategic consulting roles for clients, including global conservation organizations, U.S. corporations, international companies entering US markets, and philanthropic organizations.

Leigh was a senior presidential appointee at the Department of State during the second term of the Obama Administration. While serving in government, she worked with over 100 foreign governments and delegations on their visits to the United States. Earning a Superior Honor Award for her service, she traveled to five continents with the President, attending state visits and international summits, including the G-20, G-7, ASEAN, APAC Conference, UN Climate Change Conference (COP 21/Paris), Nuclear Security Summit, UN General Assembly Meeting, and North American Leaders Summit. In addition, she worked with teams across the U.S. Government as the U.S. hosted high-level international summits, state visits, and diplomatic events, liaising daily with the Secretary of State’s office and the Offices of the President, First Lady, and Vice President.

Before joining the Department of State, Leigh served as then-Senator John Kerry’s Finance Director for many years. She oversaw hundreds of finance initiatives in this role and managed strategic relationships nationwide.

She lives in Virginia with her husband and children.