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Adin Dobkin

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Adin DobkinAdjunct Fellow

Expertise: American Competitiveness, Military Capabilities, Governance

Adin Dobkin is a national security and defense technology analyst with a with a background in communications and government affairs. He currently splits his time between Capitol Hill and acting as the Communications Director of the Military Writers Guild, a coalition of military officers, DOD civilians, analysts, and writers dedicated towards the field of arms.

Dobkin previously served as the Government and Media Affairs Officer of ASP. In his role, he briefed key members of government bodies, coordinated ASP’s efforts with nationally-recognized media outlets, and developed the political strategy behind ASP’s research efforts.

His work on military strategy, national security, and space policy has been featured by the Hill, the Atlantic Council, the Bridge, and others. He is a member of the Center for International Maritime Security, the Military Writers Guild, and the National Press Club.

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