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ASP Election Video Series: Nuclear Security

ASP Election Video Series: Nuclear Security

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Terri Lodge, ASP’s nuclear security director, discusses her thoughts on some of the biggest questions surrounding the future of US nuclear security.

Among other things, Terri declared that nuclear security should not become too politicized. Cold, hard facts should rule policy making, and nuclear security, above all else, should be non-partisan.

“I’d like to take the politics out of nuclear security issues. I’d like everyone to take a cold, hard look at where our stockpile is, what we need for deterrence, what [policies] will do the best in stemming world-wide proliferation and trying our best to design the policies that will be the most effective, whether they are Republican policies or democratic policies.”

Terri touched on the big current issues in nuclear security, namely, diplomatic solutions to Iran’s nuclear program and Pakistan, and the goals of securing their nuclear futures. She also promoted the Nunn-Lugar program as helping “stem the tide” of proliferation and the possibility of nuclear terrorism, as well as the ratification of the CTBT in helping the US lead by example.

She touted the New START ratification, as well as current and former military officials who are making the case for “going lower” and cutting “the fat,” as cases of the US taking the lead in reducing its nuclear arsenal.

Our nuclear expert advocated a “scalpel approach” when it comes to the budget and sequestration, balancing deployed stockpile reduction with security and stockpile stewardship and modernization.

Terri stated that reduction is the “plum to be picked” because this will not affect US deterrence policy or “change the strategic equation in any way.” She also acknowledged that unilateral measures with Russia or China, in terms of reduction, might help lead the discussion about how to best go about this process internationally.

You can see Terri’s full interview below: