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21st Century U.S.-Egypt Strategic Relations Conference

21st Century U.S.-Egypt Strategic Relations Conference

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21st Century U.S.-Egypt Strategic Relations


7 May, 2014, 1pm -6pm

Four Seasons Hotel, Washington DC

“Egypt’s political and economic success is important, of course, not only for Egyptians, but it’s important for the region, for the United States, and the international community.”

John Kerry, Secretary Of State

Egypt is the most populous and traditionally, one of the most influential countries in the Middle East. The United States has had long-term military, cultural, and economic links with the country. Recently, due in part to lack of knowledge and understanding of political change in Egypt, that relationship has faltered. Following an introduction lead by accomplished Egyptian diplomat, Amr Moussa, our first panel of experts will discuss the importance of the US-Egyptian relationship and the key issues that both Cairo and Washington will need to build upon to strengthen their partnership.

In addition to its relationship with the US, Egypt merits the attention and concern of all nations due to its natural position as the leader of the Middle East and Africa; its counter-terrorism efforts; the importance of securing its borders; the Suez Canal; and its key position on both the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. The discussion of our second panel will touch on all these issues, as well as how US-Egyptian joint efforts can aid security in the region.

The third and final panel will revolve around strategies towards building a better investment climate in Egypt. Egypt is the largest economic market in the Middle East, with over 90 million people. An open and competitive economy, a politically stable government, and the potential for investment from nations around the world will be a key in the growth and the sustainability of Egypt. Not only will this produce stability for the region, but it will also encourage entrepreneurship and the foreign investment that Egypt needs to be a strong American ally.

We hope you will join us for this in depth look into the current state of Egypt, the challenges the nation faces, and the future outlook for its government and people.

For more information about this conference, along with a full itinerary and detailed list of our speakers, check out our new website below –