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Strategy for the U.S-Russia Relationship

Strategy for the U.S-Russia Relationship

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At a Crossroads, America Needs a New Strategy for Russian Engagement

American Security Project’s new program on the U.S.-Russia Relationship aims to provide a balanced way forward on a key challenge for the next president


As tensions between the United States and Russia build, the stakes continue to rise and opportunities for positive cooperation become increasingly precious.

The collapse of the ceasefire in Syria and the events preceding it underscore it is time for a new American strategy towards Russia – one that acknowledges both American and Russian interests.

American Security Project is proud to launch its newest program on U.S.- Russian engagement to put forth a strategy that balances deterring Russian aggression with encouraging positive contributions to international norms.

Andrew Holland, ASP’s Director of Studies, stated: “Getting the U.S-Russian relationship right will be near the top of the next President’s priority list. ASP’s new program will explore areas of mutual interest, and areas where we disagree. The challenges of the 21st century are complex and interrelated – no nation can solve them alone. Russian actions can make solving these challenges easier or harder.”

Matthew Wallin, ASP’s Fellow for Public Diplomacy, stated: “Russia is too big of a player in international affairs to justify a piecemeal strategy. America needs a fully comprehensive strategy aimed at changing the relationship and encouraging Russia to make the right choices, while recognizing that Russia has interests of its own.”

Relying on its extensive network of senior military and security leaders, policy experts, and scholars, ASP will put forth a strategy to prevent a decay of relations that would threaten US national security. The program will include public and private events, white papers and briefs, media engagement and podcasts all centered on better understanding the intersection of U.S. and Russian interests and how lessons from the Cold War and its aftermath can inform our policy for the future.


For more information on ASP’s project plan, upcoming events, or to speak with one of ASP’s experts on U.S.–Russian relations, contact press@americansecurityproject.org or (202) 347-4267.



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About American Security Project

Founded in 2005 by then-Senators John Kerry and Chuck Hagel and former Senators Gary Hart and Warren Rudman, the American Security Project (ASP) is a non-partisan national security think tank committed to promoting dialogue, forging consensus and spurring constructive action to ensure the United States meets the security challenges of the 21st century and seizes the opportunities that abound. ASP’s research covers broad issue areas including climate and energy security, counter terrorism, nuclear security, public diplomacy, national security strategy, and geo-economics.


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