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Gov. Christine Todd Whitman and LinkedIn’s Sue Duke Author Op-Ed in The Hill

Gov. Christine Todd Whitman and LinkedIn’s Sue Duke Author Op-Ed in The Hill

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On March 30, ASP Chairperson Governor Christine Todd Whitman penned an op-ed with LinkedIn’s Sue Duke in The Hill, titled “Reimagining Green Jobs”. In their piece, Whitman and Duke explored the role that climate change plays in creating economic opportunity. They contended that green skills are becoming an essential component of the job market, and that the demand for green skills is outstripping the supply, writing:

“…at the current rate we will have a shortage of green skills in just five years time. Globally, green workers are being hired at a higher rate than non-green workers. And we must seize this opportunity. If not, the risk is we could see a whole new class of workers being left behind, stranded on the outside looking in at this green revolution.”

In exploring the options for addressing the need for green skills education and training, Duke and Whitman explained that community colleges will play a major role. They also explained the role of policy makers in creating friendly environments in which green skills training can advance:

“Policymakers can provide clarity and direction on policies and legislation that advance green skills training and education. They can ensure that new policies create opportunities for the equitable development of green skills, supported by significant investment to make green skilling opportunities more accessible to diverse groups.”

The full op-ed is available at The Hill.