BGen. Stephen Cheney Quoted in “Stars and Stripes”

BGen. Stephen Cheney Quoted in “Stars and Stripes”

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CEO of ASP Brig. Gen. Stephen Cheney was quoted on issues facing the United States in the Asia-Pacific in Wyatt Olson’s October 2 article “Naval Rivalry With China, North Korean Missile Threats Await Next President” in Stars and Stripes.


Cheney explains how North Korea’s provocative stance on nuclear weapons has driven South Korea, Japan, and the United States closer together. He goes on to highlight the “whack-a-mole” problem of Islamic extremism, addressing the possibility of extremist groups appearing in Indonesia, Malaysia, or the Philippines (all nations with significant Muslim populations) as they are driven out of the Middle East. Finally, he discusses the issue of climate security in the region. Calling Pakistan the “poster child” for climate change instability where rising sea levels could create up to “30 million climate refugees during the next three decades as they move away from the coastal region.”


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