ASP Needs Your Support

ASP Needs Your Support

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Dear Friends of ASP,

2017 has proven to be quite a year – full of political discourse, dissension, and debate. Ensuring a clear path to protecting our country’s national security has never been more important.

At the American Security Project, we have been hard at work tackling complex national security issues. 2018 is bound to witness drastic changes in policy that run against the consensus. We are preparing to dig in, and fight for smart policies on the issues we think are critical for our security.

And we want you to join us.

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We began nearly 12 years ago as a nonpartisan educational organization devoted to forging consensus on America’s long-term national security issues. Our bipartisan board of Republicans, Democrats, retired military flag officers, and business leaders places us in a unique position to engage with leaders on both sides of the aisle.

We have strongly held positions on such topics as global engagement, climate change, nuclear weapons proliferation, energy security, public diplomacy, and trade, amongst others.

We believe in the bipartisan principles developed in the post WWII era: that international institutions matter, that our commitment to our allies is unconditional, that expanding human rights and democracy around the world is good, and that trade benefits both America and her partners. We believe that human-driven climate change is a scientific fact that threatens our security, that military action abroad must be coupled with achievable political goals, that nuclear weapons are unusable and our deterrent can still be effective with fewer, and that we are made safer by the daily efforts of our diplomats.

ASP is poised to educate the public and government leaders about the values and fact-based policies that will secure our country. We stand ready to work harder than ever before to preserve the spirit of bipartisanship our nation’s security requires.

In order to do this, we need your help. Your tax-deductible donation is needed this year to support and strengthen our work so we can be ready for 2018. ASP has never been more important than now. With a long and respected track record as a leading voice for sensible policies and solutions, ASP is uniquely qualified to serve as the think tank that can get this effort done.

You can donate directly via the link above, or feel free to share and spread our GoFundMe campaign via Facebook or Twitter:

Together, imagine what we can achieve in 2018 beyond. So, open your hearts – and your checkbooks – and let’s get to work!

Yours sincerely,

Stephen A. Cheney
BGen. USMC (Ret)
Chief Executive Officer

Christine Todd Whitman
Governor, New Jersey (1994-2001)

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