Andrew Holland Talks National Security and Oil on Capitol Crude

Andrew Holland Talks National Security and Oil on Capitol Crude

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On June 12th, ASP’s Andrew Holland spoke with Capitol Crude on the US’ nexus of national security and oil. The interview was part of the US oil policy podcast with senior oil editor Brian Scheid.

Holland elaborated on the security implications of climate change, the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, the possible reduction of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), and the future of US energy relationship with the Middle East. In addition, he discussed the changing face of US energy policy.

In regards to the Paris deal, Holland explained both the long-term and short-term implications for the US pulling out of the climate accord. The withdrawal affects the US’ ability to not only address climate change in an effective matter but also to work with allies around the world.

Equally important for US national security is the requirement of the SPR. So long as energy remains a strategic, valued commodity that countries use for political reasons, the US needs the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to be able to deal with supply shortages and have a cushion against any political attacks. Finally, US energy policy and its role in the global arena also play a part in keeping the country secure. The big question remains whether the US will oppose European efforts to use the Russian energy supply.

Hear the interview here.

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