Kareem Chin

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kareemchinAdjunct Junior Fellow

Expertise: Insurance, Financing of Flood Protection Measures, Autonomous Defense Systems, Hydrogen Economy

Kareem Chin works in the Insurance industry, where he delivers value to insurers through data, analytics and engagement. He holds a Master’s degree in International Management/CEMS and a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (Netherlands).

Kareem has also studied at the Netherlands Defense Academy, and worked at NATO’s Strategic Headquarters, the Netherlands Embassy Brussels and the United States Embassy the Hague.

His most recent research focused on the imminent threat of coastal flooding to U.S. National Security and how to finance coastal flood protection measures through Public-Private Partnerships.

You can follow Kareem on LinkedIn here.

A selection of Kareem’s writings:

ASP Reports:

Climate Change’s Threats to the United States – Lessons from the Netherlands,’ August 2013

ASP Blog:

Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier: What It Is and Why It Matters,’ June 2013

Imminent National Security Threat: Climate Change & Coastal Flooding,’ July 2013

Master Thesis

The Coastal Flood Threat in Norfolk, Virginia: Exploring challenges and opportunities to finance flood protection measures,’ March 2014