Justin Yarros

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Adjunct Junior Fellow

Expertise: Energy & Climate Security, Latin America, Transnational Security, Defense Policy

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Justin received his B.A. from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2009. He majored in Economics and Spanish. He studied abroad in Costa Rica and Spain, and while in Spain he studied the history of the European Union.

After graduating, Justin worked in the healthcare industry and then moved to Spain to teach English in 2011. Justin now teaches English through the internet to learners from Central & South America.

He is currently an M.A. candidate at the Elliott School of International Affairs majoring in Security Policy Studies. He plans to specialize in Transnational Security and Latin American regional security.


Selected works:

What Is Energy Independence?

U.S. Underfunding Energy R&D

Pentagon – Rare Metals Shortfalls is a National Security Challenge

U.S.-Pakistan Energy Cooperation Key to Halting the Iran-Pakistan Pipeline

US Gas Prices – Charts


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