Ben Secrist

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Adjunct Junior Fellow

Expertise: South and East Asia, Counter-terrorism, Property and water rights

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Ben Secrist is a graduate from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst with a degree in Business Management and a second major in Political Science, where he focused his studies on the Middle East and South Asia. As a senior at UMass Ben worked as a research assistant and covered topics such as formal and informal property rights in the 3rd world, property and land disputes over water rights, natural gas exploration in the United States, and energy exploration in the Arctic.

Ben hopes to attend graduate school in the near future. He is currently an intern at the American Security Project focusing on American Competitiveness.


You can follow Ben on twitter here.

Selected Work:

Fact Sheet- America’s Infrastructure: Challenges and Opportunities

Boosting Competitiveness Through STEM Education

Cyber Legislation Needed to Protect American Competitiveness

Helping Homeowners Finance Clean Energy

Pentagon Feeling the Bite of Sequestration

Economic Competitiveness and Educating the Next Generation