John Madeira

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Climate Security Intern

Expertise: Climate Security, Arctic Security, Terrorism, Failed States, and Sub-Saharan Africa

A Pittsburgh native, John Madeira is a second-year student at the Pennsylvania State University’s School of International Affairs (SIA). John is pursuing a Master of International Affairs degree with concentrations in International & Non-Traditional Security and Africa Studies.  Previously, John earned his B.A. in International Relations from the Pennsylvania State University.

John formerly interned with the Hudson Institute’s Center for Political-Military Affairs where he studied a number of international and regional security challenges. John also interned with the Pennsylvania State University’s College of Agricultural Science’s Office of International Programs where he worked on an event that focused on security threats to the U.S. food and agriculture sector.

As a student, John is the president of SIA, a Student Ambassador for SIA, and working on research related to ambassadorial appointments and the role of education in voting.

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