Gabriela Iveliz Rosa-Hernández

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US-Russia Relations Intern

Expertise: Russia, Eastern Europe, The Caucasus, The Baltic States, Russian History, Russian Mentality

A native of Puerto Rico, Gabriela Iveliz Rosa-Hernández is a student at the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras Campus majoring in Sociology. She is passionate about how native Russians and ethnic Russian populations in Post-Soviet spaces perceive Russia’s role the international order.  Gabriela’s interests also include Russia’s foreign policy patterns since its Imperial time. She is a David L. Boren Scholarship and Critical Language Scholarship Recipient for Russian Language and has studied abroad for significant periods in Post-Soviet spaces such as Russia and Latvia. More recently, Gabriela lived for two months in the Republic of Georgia. Overall, she has volunteered in many organizations that foster US- Russia intercultural exchange.

Gabriela has her sights set on a career in diplomacy, and intends to eventually pursue a Ph.D. in Russian History focusing on Russia’s Imperial period.

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