Bailee Mathews

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Climate Security Intern

Expertise: International Affairs and International Development, Environmental and Sustainability Science, Climate Security

Bailee Mathews is currently a junior at The George Washington University pursuing a B.A. in International Affairs with a concentration in International Development and a B.S. in Environmental and Sustainability Science with a minor in Economics. Her research interests include climate security and resiliency as well as international development and foreign aid. She has a specific interest in climate change as an exacerbator of humanitarian crises and conflict.

As a recipient of George Washington University’s Paris Scholars program, Bailee studied in Paris for her Freshman year where she had the opportunity to accompany professors on research trips to Istanbul and Morocco. Since, she has also

conducted research on countries such as Jordan and the role that climate change played in the outbreak of conflict and mass displacement. Bailee understands that the regions most likely to bear the brunt of climate change’s consequences will be those with the least resiliency to do so.

In her free time, Bailee enjoys reading, rock climbing, snowboarding, and running.

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