Pascale Combelles Siegel

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Adjunct Fellow

Expertise: Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism, Strategic Communications, and Public Diplomacy.

Pascale Combelles SiegelPascale Siegel is an independent analyst specializing in the use of strategic communications in support of peace, stabilization, and counter-terrorism operations. In the course of her twenty-year career, she has monitored and decrypted jihadist and Islamist narratives in the Middle East and in the West; assessed the rationality and pull of these discourses; examined the actions of AQ-related groups, analyzed Iraqi insurgents’ propaganda; and drawn lessons from US, French, and NATO strategic communications campaign in Iraq, Kosovo, and Bosnia. She has also worked on developing strategic communications’ concepts to counter radical Islamist propaganda for both private and governmental clients. She is extensively published with several monographs, chapters, and sections in books and official studies to her name as well as numerous articles in English and French in journals in the U.S. and in France.