Nick Lockwood

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Adjunct Fellow

Expertise Post-Conflict Regions, Population Engagement, Stability Operations, Strategic Communications, and Afghanistan

Nick Lockwood is a British post-conflict expert specializing in population engagement and stability operations.  A Director of Marcher International, Nick has recently been advising the British Foreign Office on the implications, and opportunities, of the Arab Spring.  He was the first western adviser to the Libyan Transitional National Council, entering Benghazi in March 2011 with the imposition of the NATO no-fly zone; during which time he wrote Stability and Transitional Governance in Eastern Libya (Caerus).

In 2010, Nick led strategic communication activities aimed at Afghan audiences for the joint US/UK Civil-Military Mission in Afghanistan’s Helmand province, where he established the innovative Population Engagement Team, to build the capacity of the provincial government, develop the media sector and especially support reconciliation efforts.  For two years, from September 2006, he directed the strategic communications and demand reduction activities in Afghanistan for the UK Government (as the lead nation for Counter-Narcotics).

Nick is one of just 14 USAID Stabilization Advisers, instructing military units and US governmental personnel deploying to Afghanistan on the theory and practice of post-conflict interventions, the District Stability Framework, and the relevant political and social contexts.  In 2010, Nick co-authored Support for Anti-Insurgency Religious Networks in Helmand Province: Desired Effects and Operational Considerations of a Mullah Engagement Program (Center for Naval Analysis) and rewrote the US Department of Defense’s Helmand Provincial Handbook (IDS).

In 2001 he co-founded Capital MS&L, a leading global financial and corporate communication consultancy that is now part of the Publicis Groupe, where he specialized in advising Middle Eastern governments on their privatization programs.  Nick is a British citizen and spent eight years as a submariner in the Royal Navy.