Col. Jack C. Guy, USA (Ret.)

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Adjunct Fellow

Expertise Information Operations, Strategic Communications, Psychological Operations, Special Operations, and Afghanistan

A career teacher, Mr. Guy expanded his educational pursuits from the Russian/Soviet area where he began his military and civilian careers to constitutional history and law through the James Madison Fellowship Foundation where he was a Senior Fellow. A master teacher, he also coached cross country and track and field for over thirty years. His military career spanned thirty-eight years in the U.S. Army, Active and Reserve, where he spent the bulk of his career in Special Operations. Qualified in Intelligence, Special Forces, and Psychological Operations, over the past twenty years Colonel Guy commanded Special Forces and Psychological Operations units from the Detachment to the Joint Task Force working at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels, significantly interacting with Information Operations and Strategic Communications. He has deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Qatar, and has significant time in Europe and Africa, having traveled extensively throughout the CENTCOM AOR in the last ten years. For the past year, he worked as a PSYOP and Information Operations SME in Afghanistan, first with the ISAF Joint Command and then with the Counterinsurgency Advisory and Assistance Team (CAAT) at ISAF. He was invested as the Honorary Colonel of the PSYOP Regiment in a ceremony at Ft. Bragg during Regimental Week 2010.