Ahva Sadeghi

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ahva-sadeghiAdjunct Fellow

Ahva Sadeghi specializes in foreign policy and human rights. She currently serves as Chief of Staff for a leading nonprofit and special assistant to Ambassador Audrey Glover at the Organization for Security and Cooperation. She recently completed her Masters from the London School of Economics (LSE) in Human Rights. At LSE, Ahva served various leadership roles including President of the Human Rights Committee and named a 2016 Fellow with Humanity in Action. Additionally, she has held multiple positions with the US Department of State, Peace Corps, Teach For America, and various nonprofits. Ahva’s research has contributed to the US Department of States’ 2015 Human Rights Report on the Middle East and 2014 Trafficking In Persons Report. She holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law at the University of Arizona as the Honors Outstanding Senior.