Ottavia Credi

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ottavia_crediNuclear Security Intern

Expertise: Nuclear weapons, Nuclear policy, Nuclear deterrence, WMD, CBRN Terrorism, Intelligence studies, International security

Ottavia is a newly-graduate researcher especially interested in the field of weapons of mass destruction and their relationship to international security.

Over her academic career, she produced written pieces concentrating on Just War Theory, Deterrence Theory, the international intelligence community, and CBRN terrorism.

Born and raised in Italy, Ottavia has lived and studied in Northern Italy, Budapest, Devonshire, and London.

Ottavia holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Trento and a M.A. in Intelligence & International Security from King’s College London.

This winter she also attended the Rome-based Winter Security Camp 2019 carried out by the École Universitaire Internationale.

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