Cat Cronin

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Asymmetric Operations Intern

Expertise: Terrorism, Drones, Intelligence, National Security and Space, US-Russia Relations

Cat Cronin is currently pursuing a Dual Master’s in Public Policy and Political Science at Duke University. She is a coleader of the National Security Group that works closely with Duke’s American Grand Strategy program. Prior to beginning her Master’s, Cat studied Peace and Conflict Studies and Geography at Colgate University. Her senior thesis focused on corruption in modern-day Russia with an emphasis on gangs involved with the drug trade and human trafficking.

A native New Yorker, Cat is interested in studying issues and policies related to terrorism. She most recently worked as a Research Assistant for Talking About Terrorism, where she wrote country-specific files describing active organizations in the MENA region and details such as the group’s finances, connections, size, and strength.

Last summer, Cat enhanced her understanding of law enforcement when she worked in the Department of Crime Control Strategies at the NYPD.

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