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Code War: How China’s AI Ambitions Threaten U.S. National Security

China’s aggressive pursuit of artificial intelligence harkens a future where bytes and algorithms challenge traditional battlefield superiority. If the U.S. government doesn’t set guardrails now, American firms pursuing lucrative Chinese markets may vanguard the Chinese Communist Party’s transition to fifth-generation warfare.

Combating Military Obesity: Stigma’s Persistent Impact on Operational Readiness

Sustained recurrence of obesity in the U.S. military poses a dire threat to operational readiness. Combating stigma is the first step.

Artificial Intelligence AI Robot

Biden’s AI Safety Plan: Bureaucracy in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

As policymakers look beyond doomsday scenarios, practical and responsible policy is critical to maintaining America’s leadership in AI.

Key Reads

Department of Defense Climate & Energy Security Investments

Clean Car Standards, American Competitiveness, and National Security

The benefits of strong clean car standards and the clean energy transition don’t just result in lower GHG emissions and better health outcomes—ther...

Perspective – Enabling Factors for Achieving U.S. Army Microgrid Goals

The U.S. Army has more than 130 installations worldwide and has a stated goal of operating a microgrid on all Army installations by 2035. With only...

Department of Defense Climate & Energy Security Investments

Farm Bill 2023: Will There Be An Agrarian Revolution?

The 2023 Farm Bill stands poised to redefine the fabric of the U.S.’s farmlands, foodscape, and their relationship with the natural environment. It...

ASP in the News: Climate Security Director Jessica Yllemo on the America Adapts Podcast

From natural disasters to terrorism, Yllemo gave several examples of how climate is impacting military readiness and the security environment abroad.

Chinese textile manufacturing plant

To Hold China Accountable, Washington is Cracking Down on Temu

In a conversation with CCP officials on Friday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated that U.S. legislation regarding China is

DoD Climate Resilience Workshop 2023

Sponsored by OSD EI&E, the workshop provided key insight into DoD’s climate resilience efforts.

Department of Defense Climate & Energy Security Investments

The Short Sightedness of Anti-EV NDAA Amendments

The electrification of defense vehicles means more than financial savings or emissions reductions—it means increased readiness and lethality.

Why has the Ukrainian Counter Offensive Progressed so Slowly?

The beginning of the Russia-Ukraine War in February 2022 very quickly revealed the power of quality over quantity.

Climate Change and China’s International Image

The U.S.’s climate envoy, John Kerry, visited China last week, emphasizing that climate change is a “universal threat” and that U.S.-China climate ...

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Climate Security

Through research and public engagements, ASP is fostering dialogue and building consensus on the national security impacts of climate change.

Nuclear Security

The spread of nuclear weapons and increasing numbers of nuclear forces worldwide represents the greatest danger to mankind.

Energy Security

ASP's energy security research covers the spectrum of energy sources, from nuclear, wind, and solar, to fusion and other innovative technologies.