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What we are reading

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India, Asian allies could face US sanctions if Iranian oil imports not reduced

Fox News

The U.S. could be compelled to sanction one of its closest Asian allies — India — unless the country makes significant progress by summer on cutting back on Iranian oil.

Afghans extends deadline on private security ban


The Afghan government is giving companies extensions ranging from a few weeks to 90 days to change from private security guards to a government-run force, officials said Sunday.

Blair tells Africa to use ‘footloose’ money for growth

Andrew Clark and Anushka Asthana / The Times

African nations must improve their governance to take advantage of a mass of “footloose capital” from private investors according to Tony Blair, who expressed hope about a new generation of leaders on the continent.

Yemen says more than 2,000 killed in uprising

AHMED AL-HAJ / Associated Press

More than 2,000 people have been killed in a year of political turmoil that led to the resignation of Yemen’s longtime president, the government disclosed Sunday. The figure is much higher than human rights groups estimated.

Israel sends Iran greeting for Persian new year


Israel’s president has sent Iranians his traditional greeting for the Persian new year, wishing for “peace and coexistence” despite tensions over their country’s nuclear program. Shimon Peres also urged Iranian leaders not to threaten anyone or make their “children flee home” – an apparent reference to the possibility of war.

Despite concerns, NKorea defends rocket launch


Despite China’s concerns, a senior North Korean nuclear negotiator reiterated his government’s position on a planned long-range rocket launch after holding talks Monday with his counterpart in Beijing.

 On Our Flashpoint Blog

Dorsk: Rare Earths and Energy: China’s Monopoly

A BBC article was just published discussing the new trade dispute the US has filed against China for its monopolization of the rare earths market (rare earths are of strategic importance to the US, check out ASP’s February 2011 report)


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