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What are we reading

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Egypt ‘At Risk’

Sara Sorcher / National Journal

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry, D-Mass., returned this week from visits to Afghanistan and Egypt, among other countries. He discussed his trip with National Journal. Edited excerpts follow.

British played central role in foiled bomb operation: sources


Mark Hosenball / Reuters

British intelligence played a central role in the undercover operation to foil an underwear bomb plot involving al Qaeda’s Yemeni offshoot, counterterrorism sources told Reuters.

China’s CNOOC starts deepwater drilling


China National Offshore Oil Corp. has started China’s first deep-sea drilling project in the South China Sea amid heightened territorial tensions over the disputed area.

Car parks and playgrounds to help make Rotterdam ‘climate proof’

Windmills that feature in the landscapes painted by the Dutch old masters are a reminder that the low-landers of this nation are past masters at keeping the tide at bay. Along with dykes, the first of which were built about 1,000 years ago, drainage mills have been effective at keeping water out of a land where 60% of its inhabitants live below sea level.

Greek parties stage last bid to avert new election


The leaders of Greece’s once-dominant political parties made a last push on Friday to avert a new election, which a poll showed would give victory to a radical leftist and doom an EU bailout.

Suicide bomb plot leak worries security experts

William Maclean / Reuters

Counter-terrorism experts expressed concern on Friday over U.S. leaks about an undercover operation that foiled a suicide bomb plot, saying its exposure may deter agents from volunteering for the risky job of infiltrating al Qaeda’s network.


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New ASP event: A Conversation with Walter Pincus: Nukes, Missiles, and the Truth

Wallin: Land of Dreams and Tourism

Yesterday, I was introduced to a new campaign to increase tourism to the United States. The material I have seen includes advertising spots, available here, which do a great job at showcasing the diversity of America.

Wallin: The Challenge of Chinese Soft Power

Much ado has been made about burgeoning Chinese soft power, and how China is increasing its public diplomacy and extending its soft power reach. From expanding the number of Confucius Institutes around the world, to a growing international broadcasting effort, China has been actively working to wield more signficant soft power influence. 

Holland: The Threats of Climate Change to Security Deserve Study

A Washington Times Editorial simply goes too far in attacking climate science over a statement made by Secretary of Defense Panetta.

Gold: Is There Light at the End of the Nuclear Tunnel?

Over the past two weeks there have been a series of amazing and promising developments with the Iranian nuclear program and its situation. Beginning with the P5+1-Iran meeting two weeks ago, the American view on Iran’s intractability for dealing with its nuclear program has begun to soften. But it is not clear yet whether or not these negotiations that will take place on the 23rd will do much to achieve a peaceful resolution to this issue.

ASP Reports and Media

The War on Terror: One Year On

One year ago, Osama bin Laden was killed in a daring nighttime raid by Navy SEALs on his compound in a small military garrison town in Pakistan. Since then, how has the war on terror changed? Should we be looking at it more critically than we are? In this essay collection, we examine the war on terror from several angles not often found in the popular discourse.

About the American Security Project: The American Security Project is a non-profit, non-partisan public policy and research organization dedicated to fostering knowledge and understanding of a range of national security issues, promoting debate about the appropriate use of American power, and cultivating strategic responses to 21st century challenges.


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