Iran and its Nuclear Program

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Iran’s nuclear program is one of the most important issues confronting the international community today.

In an effort to prevent a future Iranian nuclear weapons program, the International Community has created a robust sanctions regime aimed at cutting off Iran from the international financial system.  The European Union has pledged to halt importation of Iranian oil.

What does ASP believes  and what is ASP doing:

The American Security Project is dedicated to a peaceful outcome in the Iranian crisis.

We believe that Iran has a right under the NPT to peaceful nuclear energy, but we believe that Iran should not achieve nuclear weaponization.

To do so would reduce the strength of the Non-Nuclear Proliferation Treaty and potentially influence other states in the region to pursue their own nuclear program.

ASP believes that the best solution to the Iranian nuclear crisis is a diplomatic resolution; a military option to resolve the Iranian nuclear threat is not feasible or desirable.

To achieve this goal, ASP  hosts events  and discussions with national security professionals, policy makers and the media. 

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