Fusion Power

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Fusion energy is real. It’s happening now in labs around the world.

Fusion is energy released by forcing atomic nuclei together—the same process that powers the sun. The primary fuel for fusion is derived from ordinary water.

nuclear fusionElectricity produced from fusion will be safe and clean.

It offers hope for an ideal energy source, both in terms of our security and our environment.

Once it becomes an exportable technology, fusion has the potential to provide low cost, carbon-free and nuclear proliferation-free energy to all nations.

The question is whether or not the United States will lead in the commercialization of this technology or whether we will depend on others for our energy.

It’s time it for America to take leadership and increase our investment in the technology.

ASP believes that with political will and sustained investment in fusion, the U.S. can produce demonstration-level fusion power within a decade.

This ASP Fusion website gives a broad overview of fusion’s promise, and the status of efforts to commercialize fusion.

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