FACT SHEET – America’s Infrastructure: Challenges and Opportunities

FACT SHEET – America’s Infrastructure: Challenges and Opportunities

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For decades the American infrastructure has been allowed to decay. Poor quality of wireless broadband access, deteriorating roads, unsafe bridges, and power interruptions are all indicators of a lack of investment in infrastructure.

The World Economic Forum has ranked the U.S. 20th globally in overall infrastructure rating. The American Society of Civil Engineers has consistently given the U.S. low rankings, including a “D+” in 2013. This has serious effects on our economies efficiency as it takes longer and costs more to transport people, goods, information, and energy across the country.

Climate change poses a daunting challenge for policymakers and business leaders as powerful storms cause billions of dollars in both damage and lost business. Taking proactive steps for preparing our country’s infrastructure is far less expensive than acting once the damage has been done. Every $1 spent in preparedness spending is worth $15 in relief payments after a disaster has struck.

This fact sheets details come of the challenges and opportunities ahead for America’s infrastructure.







America’s Infrastructure: Challenges and Opportunities by The American Security Project

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