ASP’s Andrew Holland featured in Foreign Policy article

ASP’s Andrew Holland featured in Foreign Policy article

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ASP’s Director of Studies and Senior Fellow for Energy and Climate, Andrew Holland was quoted in Robbie Gramer’s Foreign Policy article, ‘Trump Wants New Aircraft Carriers to Turn Back to ‘Godamned Steam’ Power Catapults.’ The article discusses President Trump’s recent remarks on the new aircraft carrier digital catapult, Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) and the cost overruns associated with the Ford-class supercarrier program it is meant for. Holland points out that, despite the project’s controversies, it has many advantages over the old, steam-powered system.

He explains that the EMALS is less likely to fail, lighter, more powerful, and can be calibrated for different aircraft. Holland also pointed out that the EMALS is complete and that the cost of removing and replacing it could cost billions. The Ford-class aircraft carrier’s development was criticized by Senator John McCain for having excessive cost overruns.

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