American Security Project Welcomes Accomplished Writer and Blogger Joshua Foust as Newest Research Fellow

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Joshua Foust, Analyst and Afghanistan Specialist, joins ASP to address strategic security issues in the U.S

WASHINGTON, D.C., 11 January 2011 – The American Security Project (ASP) today announced the appointment of Joshua Foust as a Fellow who will focus on expeditionary economics and strategic security in Afghanistan.

Dr. Jim Ludes, the Executive Director of ASP said: “Josh is a powerhouse of thoughtful analysis and writing.  His work on irregular warfare and his experience on the ground in Afghanistan make him a valuable addition to ASP.”

Dr. Ludes went on to say: “All over the world the United States is either directly or indirectly involved in irregular conflicts. We need to understand better their dynamics and the different tools the United States can bring to bear in those conflicts. Josh will be doing important work in that regard.”

Joshua Foust was a military intelligence analyst specializing in the socio-cultural dynamics of irregular warfare. He has worked on open-source analysis programs for the Defense Intelligence Agency, and was an analyst for the Afghanistan cell of the U.S. Army Human Terrain System (HTS). While at HTS, he specialized in using academic and social media platforms to provide an alternate framework for the Army intelligence process. At the National Ground Intelligence Center, he implemented some alternative behavior modeling, and focused on how commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies are used and exploited in insurgency and resistance movements. Most recently, he had returned to the Defense Intelligence Agency, where he studied strategic security issues in Yemen. Joshua is a columnist for PBS Need to Know, a contributing editor to Current Intelligence, and blogs about Central and South Asia at Joshua is also a regular contributor to the Columbia Journalism Review, where he criticizes the press coverage of conflict zones, and his writing has appeared in the New York Times, Foreign Policy, Reuters, and the Christian Science Monitor. He is the author of Afghanistan Journal, Selections from, published last fall by Just World Books.

Joshua Foust said: “Expeditionary Economics is a revolutionary new way to envision post-conflict reconstruction. Economic growth has more potential and power to advance peace and stability than any form of military force, making it a natural goal for American power abroad.”

Foust continued: “We must face modern threats with a smarter idea of what fundamental challenges we face, and how we can build consensus to address them. I’m ecstatic to join ASP, which is leading the way in a developing long-term, strategic outlook for the future of American power.”

Download the press release here.

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