Raj Fernando

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Raj Fernando is CEO of Chopper Trading, a Chicago-based trading firm he founded in 2002. Prior to Chopper, Raj held a variety of trading positions at both the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade, where he worked on the floor from 1996 -2003, and has been a member since 1997.

Raj serves on the board of directors for the American Security Project and is involved in the ASP’s reports and events that communicate vision for security in the 21st century. At a launch event for ASP’s American Competitiveness Report in 2012, Fernando gave a speech focused on pushing the U.S. to be as successful this century as it was in the 20th century, through investments in education, immigration and infrastructure. Fernando told the audience:

“America’s great strength is its ability to revitalize itself time and time again. There is nothing about today’s challenges that are inherently worse than those faced by previous generations of Americans. We are lucky that we know what needs to be done. If we can tackle these problems with a spirit of bipartisanship, there’s nothing that will prevent America’s future from being even more glorious than its past.”

In addition to ASP, Raj Fernando serves on the Foreign Policy Program Leadership Committee at The Brookings Institution.

Raj Fernando is an advocate for a broad range of philanthropic efforts in Chicago and across the country. He is a governing member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and a member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Additionally, he supports the Steppenwolf Theatre and the Illinois Holocaust Museum, among other organizations.

Raj graduated from Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin, with bachelor’s degrees in economics and history.

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